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We all have them: the movies that not only helped define our own taste, but helped us find our friends as well. That's what Secret Handshake is: a podcast that covers the titles that we show each other over (often numerous) beers, quote incessantly, and have dissected ad nauseam. Some were huge hits. Others barely made a dent upon release. Hell, you've probably asked us to change the subject at parties more than once.

But what if others joined in on the action: writers, academics, cinephiles, and even the artists themselves? Then you'd have an entire community of folks coming together and bonding over the art they adore. That's what the site is all about: providing a place to talk movies and nothing but. So, pour yourself a stiff one and dive in. Even if you're unfamiliar with what's on the marquee, don't be discouraged. You might just find yourself a new favorite.

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